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When free-spirited painter Julie Fincher discovers that her fiancé is a gold-digger, she reluctantly decides to go ahead with the wedding to please her ailing father. Sadly, the family’s beloved ninety-two-year-old Lady Edwina Greymore passes away the day before the wedding and everything changes. Julie is appointed executrix of a large country estate and now must solve an intricate family history treasure hunt with clues scattered all around southern England. Leaving her deceptive new husband behind, Julie sets out on the madcap adventure of a lifetime, together with her eccentric, karaoke-loving cousin. Along the way, they meet well-meaning aristocrats, experienced genealogists, a handsome antiques shop owner, and a verbose lawyer with a curious potbellied pig ... this is an uplifting, family-friendly series.

Aunt Edvina-2nd-low-res.jpg

Family history will never be the same ... Novice genealogist Julie Fincher is learning as she goes. A generous inheritance from Aunt Edwina allows her to open the Greymore Genealogy Research Site, a resource center welcoming everyone interested in family history. This innocent, charitable quest to help others soon turns into mayhem. Gertie, Ewan, the Major, Maude plus new zany friends team up with beginner researchers to uncover ancestors with secret World War Two wartime work. There’s also the tantalizing prospect of a family tree leading to new ownership in a centuries-old confectionery firm. Enjoy the Greymore team’s second foray into the fun world of the past.

“Oh, come on, admit it. I’m the obscure, jolly cousin everyone assumes lives alone in a timber-framed cottage with a thriving herb garden and eleven cats. I’m also completely forgotten until needed. Except by you. You never missed a birthday or Christmas card. Thank you!”

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The Greymore Genealogy Research Site’s family historians are back with a new adventure. It’s Christmastime in Oakhurst and after some shenanigans with the tree, everyone settles down for a lovely holiday dinner during a massive blizzard. When a tall American stranger turns up at the front door looking for help with a family history problem, the team is eager to help. After the snow clears, they delve into the world of a reclusive aunt, mysterious manor house and secrets. They must use all their ingenuity to save the historical collection for the archives and museum instead of the auction block. Ewan’s still hoping Julie will see him as more than a friend, and solicitor Fred Todling once again sponsors the local ballet ‘team’. Add in the valiant rescue of a senior being bamboozled by an unethical genealogist, and readers can look forward to another fun, family-friendly and heartwarming story. This is Book 3 in the Aunt Edwina series.

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