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by Lynne Christensen

Cropped image of man in dark grey cloak holding out rose to reader.

The Highwayman gives a red rose 
to every woman he robs. 


His name signals fear. His shadow strikes terror.
I know loving him is wrong. Loving him 

defies any sense of reality. 
Lord Vincent Rosingleigh is not of my world, nor I of his …
we are destined to be
together for eternity.

Hardcover, Paperback and ebook available:

time travel romance series

An historical fiction

About the Forever Charles Series

These are historical fiction with time travel romance novels set in both the seventeenth century and 2023. The author was inspired when reading over and over again how the ‘Merry Monarch’ is usually viewed as, well, just a privileged man enjoying his mistresses and luxuries. Lynne’s subsequent seven years of research demonstrate that this particular king’s contribution to science, leadership during the Restoration, Great Plague and Great Fire, plus canny intelligence are underwhelmingly reported in modern times. Book One will be released in early 2023.

Rose gold antique pocket watch over green English oak leaf.
What to Expect

The Forever Charles series does not contain explicit violence or graphic content, but do remember that a different set of societal norms existed in the seventeenth century, as reflected in these books. Enjoy adventure, romance and time travel, all within the fascinating context of the seventeenth century where books were outrageously expensive, men wore hose, women were formally courted and highwaymen roamed desolate, unlit roads. Learn about a deep love and legacy that the king is desperate to secure, as he seeks help toying with time to determine both his future and how he is remembered.

Red rose.
Bundle of older letters on faded-to-brown paper with a dip pen, ink pot and old photos nearby.
Fancy crown with gold curved bars towards center and blue velvet cap interior.
Mysterious tan brick archway with hooded figure in black cloak running away down alley.
Pocket watch, with Roman numerals and gold dial, on a chain.
Cover of book one in The Forever Charles Series. Black background, gold writing of title and author name, showing cropped image of man in dark grey cloak holding out rose to reader.

Family tree researcher Sarah Easton is given a client’s mysterious gold medallion. The medallion transports her back in time to live every genealogist’s dream: meeting ancestors. Sarah didn’t plan on falling for the highwayman who steals her heart, apparently for the second time in a few centuries. Sarah and Vincent travel back and forth through time to resolve her strange disappearance from a robbery hundreds of years ago. They are torn between the seventeenth century and modern day, plus meet a newly restored King Charles the Second who has realm-altering secrets of his own. Together the couple comes to the aid of the monarch desperate to secure his kingdom, love and legacy. Sarah and Vincent live a whirlwind adventure that tests their courage, outrunning their past in order to rekindle the love they once shared.

Hardcover, Paperback and ebook available:


Sarah Easton is a genealogist who is hired by a client to research a relative named Vincent. A gold medallion is given to her to help with the research, but unbeknownst to Sarah, the medallion will change her life. One simple touch has her thrown back into 1600s England where she meets Vincent. Together, they time travel throughout history to find the answers they seek. In their travels, They meet King Charles the Second who has secrets of his own. Can Vincent and Sarah find the answers they seek while not wreaking havoc on the future they both desire? I truly enjoyed reading this book. I felt a connection to the characters and feel enough of a history lesson is given so you can follow the story easily. Heartfelt, suspenseful and kept me wanting more. I highly recommend this book ...

— GoodReads Reviewer, 5 Stars

A wonderfully written time travel story. Sarah and Vincent are lovers who are lost to each other but due to research efforts by Sarah for an elderly client, they meet again. Well written with unexpected twists and turns, this is a delightful read. For those who like their romance clean, this is a top choice, but everyone should read this. The storyline will keep you turning the pages.

— Amazon Reviewer, 5 Stars

Well written, full of suspense, drama, history, love and romance. Love the idea of time travel. Would be great to go back into the past as well as meeting family in that time, as a genealogist this is a dream come true. Very sweet read but you will need to carefully read as with the moving thru time it can get confusing. Loved the mood and feelings of the Hero and Heroine. A MUST READ. Great book. Would recommend this book to everyone ...

— Amazon Reviewer, 5 Stars

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